Silva Will De-Rail The Weidman Hype Train.

Posted: June 30, 2013 in MMA
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By Jason Sutcliffe

 Ok, so it has been a minute since I have been able to blog, due to the birth of my son things have been a bit busy, but listening to all this Chris Weidman is a threat to Anderson Silva crap is enough to get me back at it.

 Where to start? Let’s start with Dana trying to make us fans buy into the hype train that is Chris Weidman, a train that up until about four months ago he himself didn’t even believe in. Let’s not forget that it was just a short time ago that Dana was trying to put anyone else in this fight with Silva. There was a list including Bisping, Belcher, Boetsch, and even Rashad a light heavyweight, anyone but Weidman.

 After UFC 155, when Bisping, Belcher, Boetsch and Rashad had all lost their most recent fights and were no longer viable options for a fight with Silva, well then all of a sudden Chris Weidman was the number one contender and a serious threat to Silva’s title.

 I take nothing away from Weidman he is tough and a great fighter, but he is not even close to the level of Martial Artist that Anderson is. Dana is quick to tell us that Weidman’s wrestling and BJJ skills are going to be good enough to de-throne the champ, and the reason we are supposed to believe this is because a few years ago Chael Sonnen held Silva down for, four and a half rounds, and nearly won before being triangle choked with a minute and a half left in the fight.

 What people never want to bring up is that Silva fought with two broken/cracked ribs. Broken or cracked ribs is an injury that wouldn’t allow the average person to so much as sneeze, never mind get into a cage and fist fight for 25 minutes.  People are quick to talk about the first fight but not the second where Anderson disposed of Sonnen without much of a problem.

 I am not going to debate that Weidman has good wrestling, hell maybe even great wrestling, but does Sonnen, and Dan Henderson not have a really high level of wrestling? How did they do again? Yeah, 0-3 with Anderson finishing all three fights. Weidman is going to realize quickly on July 6th that he is in there with a whole other animal .

 Anderson is something Weidman has not been groomed properly for. With his biggest win coming over an out of shape Mark Munoz he is not even close to ready for an assassin like Anderson. Anderson’s timing, ability to slip punches, counter and utilize space is going to be a nightmare for Weidman. In my opinion he is being fed to the wolves and this is going to be a clowning and will end in the second round by KO, and we will hear the forever-popular “back to the drawing board” speech from Weidman.

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