Anderson Silva, Paid The Price For Being Anderson Silva

Posted: July 8, 2013 in MMA
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By Jason Sutcliffe

Wow, how to start, when you hate what you have to write. First of all, congratulations to Chris Weidman on becoming the new Middleweight champion.

Now, Anderson finally paid the price for being a cocky, arrogant, disrespectful, asshole in the octagon. I never wanted to see it but he had it coming. So many times we have watched Anderson take on opponents with his hands at his side, letting them throw punches while he slipped, slid and dodged them, making them pay usually by knocking them out.

We have watched him do this so many times that we as fans believed he was immune to being beat by a man his size. Yesterday it all caught up to him, as he toyed with Weidman for most of the fight; laughing at him, letting him punch him in the face, taunting him to fight, pretending to be hurt when Weidman would land a punch and believe it or not even more crazy BS.

In the second round Anderson pretended to be hurt by one of Weidman’s punches and did this stupid wobbly leg dance with his hands at his side, and BANG!! He was devastated with a left hook that turned his lights out.

Anderson slept on Chris Weidman and paid the price. So, was Weidman as big a threat to Silva as they wanted us to believe or did Silva beat himself? In my opinion Silva beat himself last night. Until the point of him being caught with the left hook Weidman didn’t even look like he belonged in the octagon with him.

Silva looked like he was play fighting with a little boy, truthfully. That is not to say that, that’s what Weidman is because he made him pay. I have to think though if Silva would have come in to the fight and treated Weidman as a legitimate threat to his belt than he KO’s him in the first round, second the latest. He was clearly the better fighter.

After the fight we all heard Silva say, he will continue to fight but doesn’t want to fight for titles anymore. He is tired and has been on top for a long time and just wants to relax now. At the post fight presser and Dana’s media scrum, we heard Dana White say that he was supremely confident that after a few days or weeks of relaxing that Silva would take the rematch with Weidmen.

I personally agree with Dana. I think that Anderson will be back and be better than we have ever seen him before. I expect that this time he will be as serious as a heart attack with Chris Weidman. That is a bad day for Chris, Anderson was clearly the more talented fighter and I expect he will be looking to make a statement in the second fight.

Somewhere right now GSP is taking a deep breath of relief. He has been avoiding Anderson for so long, and was running out of reasons not to fight him next to being honest and saying I am scared to death of Anderson Silva.

I think that what happened to Anderson yesterday was one of the best things that could have happened to him—he was humbled. He is going to be back and with a vengeance and a much more serious attitude towards his opponents. He will rinse through Chris Weidman and then start looking at the others on his radar.

  1. John says:

    Hey jay I agree with some things you said but at the end of the day Chris Wiedman beat Anderson Silva. I think people are making excuses for Silva and I think it’s BS. Silva does the same thing to all his opponents taunts them and tries to take them off there game mentally except this time Wiedman didn’t fall for it and caught him on the chin . And for the record weidman won the first round because of the take down. I am not saying Anderson can’t beat Wiedman but let’s not talk about Silva but more about Wiedman and give the new champ his dues he is undefeated young and a great all round fighter

    • He absolutely did win the fight and I definitly give him his dues for winning the fight. After watching the fight a few times he was clearly out of his league against Silva. After the first takedown he attempted a couple more and they were stuffed without any problem. Now because I say he looked out of his league does not mean that he has did not do something no one else as been able to do. He should be given a great deal of credit for staying with it and pushing forward not allowing Silva to break him mentally. Chris made Anderson pay for being Anderson and that is why I titled it the way I did and not something like Anderson beat Anderson. He deserves credit but at the end of the day I think if Anderson decides to take the rematch and Dana seems to be supremely confident that he will, then Weidmen will lose and it won’t even be competitive. In my opinion Weidman capitalized on Anderson’s arrogance but they are light years apart in skill level.

      John I really appreciate the comment and I love these types of conversations/debates thank you for taking the time to respond to my blog!

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