Don’t Abandon Your Kids, You Made Em, So Raise Em

Posted: July 11, 2013 in LIFE
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Jay and Jax touch noses

By Jason Sutcliffe

There are some things I have a really hard time understanding. Mainly, how anyone can walk away from his or her kids. Especially since I have recently had a child. Now, I myself just became a father 4 months ago, but have been an important part of my oldest nephew’s life for a long time now.

He is almost 9 and I have coached all of his soccer teams from the time he was 4 years old, been there to give him advice when he was dealing with bullies, tease him and talk to him about girls, take him to professional sports games, teach him how to skip rocks and all kinds of other things that a Dad is supposed to do.

I don’t want anyone reading this to misunderstand, I am not looking for any sort of praise, or “way to go Jay, that is great” because I am more than happy to do it and will continue to do it for as long as he wants and needs me to. I enjoy doing things with him.

Now here is where we get to the point of this paper. We as adult men and women have an obligation to take care of the kids that we make. They need us if they are to grow up mentally and emotionally stable. We owe them our time at the very least. You don’t have money or don’t give any to the mother or father, that is shitty but the child doesn’t have to know that. Time is free! There is no excuse for not having time for your child.

I have watched my nephew struggle to except that his father, not Dad, you have to earn that but father lives but ten minutes from him and hasn’t seen him in almost a year and hasn’t called since his birthday in January. I am not sure if adults understand what that does to a young child, but it is terrible. I have spent countless hours talking with him and trying to help him understand that none of that is his fault.

Here is how I feel about it. If you abandon or walk out on your children, negating all responsibility and taking the easy road, you may in some twisted version of reality see some sort of selfish, disturbing benefit well you are young and out partying, not having to worry about your responsibilities, but when you are old and sick and you will be because no one ever died from being too healthy, you are going to be one lonely person. Dying alone somewhere with a whole slew of regret.

There are too many young kids growing up in this day and age who have a parent or parents, which are absent in their lives, and it is a damn shame. It isn’t just men who are absent anymore either, I know a women who has 4 children, has custody of none and sees them rarely to be generous.

We need to step up and do what we are supposed to as parents and grown-ups to provide young people with the easiest and healthiest up-bringing possible. They deserve that every kid deserves that.

Now, there is a good possibility that the two examples that I have used in this blog are at some point in the near future going to read this, and I couldn’t care less if they do. If they do I hope their immediate feeling is shame and disgust in them selves. Also if you take offence to what I have said in this blog then you are probably guilty of this type of behaviour, and again I couldn’t care less.

If you are a person who has done what you are supposed to do, good on ya for caring about your kids. I don’t think we deserve praise for it because it is what we are supposed to do, but good on ya.

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