My Opinion On The Death Of Trayvon Martin.

Posted: July 12, 2013 in RECENT EVENTS
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By Jason Sutcliffe

So I have been watching and reading about this George Zimmerman trial a little bit and it is my understanding that him and his team of attorney’s are claiming that it was self-defense. That after following Trayvon he jumped out of a bush confronted Zimmerman and then attacked him. Attacked him to the point where he was forced to shoot the unarmed 17-year-old, killing him.

First off, the question I find hardest to answer is, what was so suspicious about Trayvon walking down the street, if he wasn’t racially profiling him? The hoody he was wearing, the fact that he was on the phone, or was it that he was out in the rain. I mean really, it is not like Trayvon was hiding out in bushes, peaking through windows.

The kid was walking down the street on the telephone carrying skittles and iced tea back to his father’s house. Now if that was suspicious enough for him to follow Trayvon through the gated community and call the police, then I would have to think that this was not the first time Zimmerman has seen someone walking down the street in a hooded sweater talking on the phone, so, there should be dozens of these calls to the police on record, no?

There is so much more to discuss but we will save that for after the trial is completed. I want to get into my perception of the situation, after hearing the evidence that I have heard.

Now here is what I think happened on that dreadful night where Trayvon lost his life. I think that Zimmerman saw a young black male walking through his gated community in baggy clothes, talking on the phone and immediately profiled him as a potential problem.

Being the type of person who had attempted to be a police officer and was turned down, so settled for the head of the neighbourhood watch. Zimmerman clearly craves power and control, but is most likely a coward.

Given this personality type, I believe that he saw a young kid and thought he could pull a heavy and intimidate young Trayvon. It may have worked momentarily when he approached the young boy. I think Trayvon may have even showed fear initially, only feeding Zimmerman’s craving for control and power, which would have given Zimmerman a rush of excitement.

Zimmerman sensing the initial fear in Trayvon got physical with the boy muscling him to the ground. It is my opinion that this is where things started to go bad for Zimmerman and ultimately Trayvon as well.

Trayvon was not a small kid, I mean he wasn’t huge but was by no means small either. So when this altercation began to get physical it is my belief that Trayvon began to defend himself, started to get the better of Zimmerman.

Just as the defense claims, I think when the neighbour looked outside that Trayvon was on top, and getting the better of the physical altercation. That is as far as my agreement with the defense goes, as I do think that even though Trayvon was on top it was him who was yelling for help.

He was young and seeing as how he was not the one out looking for trouble and had already noticed Zimmerman following him, was probably pretty scared and confused.

Also we have to consider that Zimmerman was not in any kind of uniform and was not on watch duty that night, so to Trayvon this was just a stranger approaching him aggressively and attempting to do him harm. It would make sense that he would be looking for some kind of help.

Finally it is my personal belief that Zimmerman’s ego could not handle that this young kid was getting the better of him in a fight, and in a moment of anger and embarrassment he drew his gun and shot the boy.

Zimmerman approached Trayvon because he was a racist, but he shot him because he was a power-driven, egomaniac. That is my opinion.


  1. lwk2431 says:

    I think most of what you said above is pure imagination. You don’t convict people on imagination but on facts that prove they are guilty beyond a reasonable doubt. Therefore Zimmerman should be found not guilty. Period.


    • Most of my what I said was an opinion. The first neighbour who called in said she believed Zimmerman was on top of Trayvon and the second neighbour who called in believed Trayvon was on top of Zimmerman, which supports my notion that Zimmerman was the aggressor at the beginning of the confrontation, and at some point Trayvon flipped the script.

      Also, Trayvon’s friend the young girl said Trayvon had told her that he was being followed by a “crazy, creepy guy”. Also she testified that at one point Trayvon was running from Zimmerman, and when Zimmerman had caught up with him she heard Trayvon say why are you following me, or something to that affect, which was followed by Trayvon saying stop, stop it, and to her he sounded scared. This is a girl who had known Trayvon since kindergarten so I am inclined to believe her when she said he sounded scared. Also supporting my opinion that Zimmerman was the aggressor, and that Trayvon was scared when the altercation started.

      George Zimmerman had a broken nose and a couple small contusions on the back of his head, which supports that at some point during the confrontation Trayvon began to defend himself.

      Zimmerman called the police and was told not to follow Trayvon, that they had sent a car. That was not good enough for Zimmerman who continued to pursue Trayvon, like some sort of armed vigilante. In my opinion supporting that Zimmerman had some sort of ego issue where he felt like a neigbourhood super hero.

      If you sir are saying that Zimmerman should be found not guilty based on my blog and opinion, well I would like to point out that I am not a lawyer prosecuting Zimmerman, I am just a guy with a blog and an opinion of how I believe things went down, and being that we live in nations of freedom I am entitled to that. I would like to say that, my opinion aside if you have heard the evidence in the case and just simply look at what happened, and you believe Zimmerman should face no consequences for his actions than you sir are exactly what is wrong with the United States of America.

      I don’t think that Zimmerman should be found guilty of 2nd degree but he is definitely guilty of the lesser charge of manslaughter.

      That being said, I appreciate your opinion and comment on my blog! Thank you also I appreciate these sort of conversations.



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