By Jason Sutcliffe

There have been some things surrounding the George Zimmerman court case and the death of Trayvon Martin that in my opinion have not received enough attention or criticism.

Was there a definite element of racism and racial profiling? Yes. Was there a lot of controversy surrounding whether or not is was self-defence? Absolutely. Are a lot of Americans up in arms about the fact that an unarmed teenager was shot to death and the man who shot him walked? Oh yeah.

My question is, why is no one drawing attention to the issue that if everyone in your country wasn’t allowed to walk around with hand guns that this crime and thousands more just like it would not have occurred? The fact that the neighbourhood watch is allowed to walk around with guns is insane to me.

These people are not referred to as the neigbourhood vigilantes, they are the neighbourhood watch, they are responsible for keeping an eye out for suspicious people who are up to suspicious behaviour and notifying police. That is it that is their job. They are not supposed to be following people, engaging in altercations and shooting people. Am I the only one who finds this flipping insane that an average citizen is able to take this sort of action?

I turn on the news and I see American citizens screaming that something has to change after there has been a violent death, deaths or some sort of mass killing. How about you take away the right for everyone in your country to be armed to the tits with firearms. Now I am not saying that I necessarily disagree that people should be allowed to have firearms in their home to protect their family, but to have the right to throw it on your hip and walk around in public all day is asinine.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see that, that is a major contributing factor to the daily violence in your country.

I think that the 2nd amendment in the Bill of Rights was never intended to apply to the individual, but to the masses. It was intended in my interpretation to allow the people to arm themselves in the form of a militia to defend the state, or to defend your friends, family and neighbours, who are also members of the state. If you look at the times in which the Bill of Rights was written that would make sense.

In 2013 people should not be allowed to just walk around with guns on their hip. The US government in an attempt to bring an end to a lot of the senseless violence in the country has made an attempt to ban all fully automatic rifles and weapons like that. Are you serious? That is such a small percentage of the violent crimes, the real issue is the handguns, the US government has got to do something about the amount of handguns that are legally possessed and carried around their streets day-to-day if they truly want to put a dent in the violence.

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