Maia vs Diaz Makes A Lot Of Sense

Posted: July 19, 2013 in MMA
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By Jason Sutcliffe

It was reported a couple of weeks ago that Nick Diaz had notified the UFC that he was interested in returning to the Octagon. This past week Cezar Gracie reported that the UFC had offered Nick a fight, but could not disclose who the opponent was. Although he did say the fight was “neat” and Nick was more than considering taking it. So, who did the UFC offer Nick as an opponent?

My educated guess would be Damian Maia. Considering that Maia’s upcoming fight with Josh Koscheck was just cancelled. It would also be the fight that makes the most sense for both fighters.

There are only a few fights that would have made sense for Diaz to take or that he would be interested in taking. Most of the other fighters that Nick would be interested in are already under contract to fight. Carlos Condit would be one that I am sure Nick would want back, but he is preparing to fight Kampmann, Rory would be another considering he has called Nick out before.

All of the other relevant top ten guys are tied up or hurt as well, Ellenberger, Hendricks, Koscheck is out hurt, and Robbie Lawlor is the other option and admittedly that is a good one but I just don’t see Nick being really enthusiastic about fighting him again.

Maia has been on a roll and is yet to taste defeat since making the drop down to 170lbs. He has defeated Dong Hyun Kim, Rick Story, my personal favourite he Jon Fitched, Jon Fitch. He has not only won all of these fights but has looked better than dominant in doing so.

Maia is the one that makes most sense and stylistically that is one for the fans. Maia in my opinion would have a slight advantage in grappling department but Nick is no slouch and would be able to hold his own with the BJJ wizard. We could expect a lot of really skillful and technical scrambles.

Diaz would have a big advantage in the striking department, even though Maia has made vast improvements there. Nick is just on another level with his boxing. Also I think Nick would have an advantage with his never-ending gas tank, as he does in almost all of his fights.

I am not sure if this would be a five round fight or a three rounder. In a five round fight I think that as the fight went on it would become a lob-sided affair in Nick’s favour. Even in a three round fight I think the third round could be hell for Maia when the takedowns become more difficult to score and Diaz is still strong.

This is the type of fight that Nick has been asking for. Maia is not a wrestler and is certainly not going to just lie on top of Nick and wait for the round to end. It will be filled with skillful transitions, submission attempts, and solid striking exchanges.

This is going to be a fight for the fans and is good for both fighters. If Maia wins he will be right at the top of the division and if Diaz wins it will keep him relevant as well. Also I would like to add that if Diaz wins and Condit wins his fight that maybe a rematch that I am sure both fighters and all MMA fans would love to have happen.

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