Sidewalk Etiquette, It’s Not Rocket Science

Posted: July 25, 2013 in PET PEEVES
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Jason Head_Shot 2[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

I went for a beautiful run today down by the lake along the path and down into the Don Valley along the Lower Don Valley trail. It was super enjoyable and the weather was beautiful; sun shining on my face, a slight breeze that kept me pretty cool and enough water to last the run. Everything was perfect.

There was however one element of the run that kept popping up repeatedly that was rather annoying and that was people’s lack of “Sidewalk etiquette” or in this case “Path etiquette”. I never realized how many people have no idea of how this works or just refuse to acknowledge it.

For those who truly don’t know it is like driving; you stay to the right, on the path there is even lines in the middle just like on the road. You stay on the right and so does everybody else, and things run smoothly, it’s not rocket science.

So here I am running down the path staying to the right and over and over again I am politely moving over to the left and running around people who are walking on the wrong side. When I eventually become aggravated and annoyed by these people I decide, lets see if they move if I don’t.

Now I am not going to just run into someone or barge through or do anything juvenile like that, so, I wait until I get about ten feet away and I slow down and now these two guys are looking at me like, what you are just going to run into me? and I ask simply are you guys really going to look at me like I am in the wrong here? You should be walking on the right hand side, to which they reply says who? Western Society that is who.

I jog past them and am left asking myself, are people really oblivious to this? Do they honestly think people took the time to draw lines down the middle of the path that runs across the entire city for kicks? I have to believe that they just choose not to acknowledge it because otherwise I have to accept that this lack of general intelligence actually exists.

Admittedly this probably shouldn’t bother me that much but everyone has things that bother them and well this is one of things that bothers me.

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