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By Jason Sutcliffe

I was reading today that Justin Trudeau made claims that he was interested in the legalizing marijuana. Something I strongly feel should be done as well, and before people start with all that, “of course you do, you want to legally get high. That is the only reason your saying that.” I should inform you that you are wrong I don’t smoke pot.

For the people who know me yes this is something I chose to give up a while ago. I would be lying if I said I haven’t smoked enough pot to pay for a house or two in my life, but after becoming a father I concluded that it was just something I could no longer afford.

There are many reasons why marijuana should be legalized and while participating in the conversation on-line I had a chance to take in some people’s opinion who sit on the other side of the fence.

Some people voiced the argument that like alcohol and cigarettes the youth would smoke it before the legal age, whatever that age would be. I was thinking, are you joking me? Do you live under a rock? That is happening now, and guess what? There is nothing you can do about it. As much as no one wants to hear this, a lot of adults have to go through young people to get it. It is more accessible to kids than adults in a lot of cases.

Also, if you were to legalize it you would drastically cut the number of kids who are setting themselves back years with drug trafficking charges in their teen years. You don’t see young kids bootlegging alcohol or cigarettes do you? No, they are getting irresponsible adults to buy it for them, because the government has regulated the distribution of these products.

Some others had the argument that it would be irresponsible for the government to legalize something that was so bad for you. Now that was just laughable! Marijuana has a fraction of the addictive properties of both cigarettes and alcohol, which for the record they have no problem selling us. In fact every year our government opens dozens and dozens of beer and liquor stores for the tax dollars.

Not to mention that the negative health issues which result from alcohol and cigarette use well out number those caused by marijuana consumption. People say well if you only have a drink here and there it is not that bad for you, to which I reply well if you only have a joint here and there that is not bad for you either.

Of course there is the elderly white man who simply says it is a drug, it is illegal and it should stay that way. Well he drinks a stiff scotch at the end of each day to help him deal with his stress, hypocrite. One gentleman actually said that a good bottle of wine makes a nice meal better. Well if you think a nice bottle of wine makes a meal better; you should try a joint pal. It made every meal I ate for a decade way better.

Ok, all joking aside, it is a choice people. Some people don’t like to drink, at all—ever. Should they be scrutinized for wanting to smoke a late night joint after their kids are asleep, their house is cleaned and all of their responsibilities for the day are done? I say no they shouldn’t. So many Canadians enjoy marijuana but are forced to hide it in shame, or risk being labeled as a criminal and sneered at by some hypocritical dick holding a “cold one”.

Marijuana grows from the ground, it is natural, and it wasn’t grown indoors until 40 or 50 years ago. In many cases it is still grown outdoors, free of chemicals. The government tells us go ahead take these man-made drugs that we have mixed up in our laboratories, drink this alcohol that we brewed in our factories with all these additives and smoke these cigarettes with a ton of additives and pesticides.

Finally, and I will make this one short. There are hundreds of millions of dollars to be made by out government by legalizing, regulating and taxing marijuana. It would clear up the congestion in our courts with BS charges of possession of marijuana and in my opinion it is just a common sense decision for our government.

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