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By Jason Sutcliffe

Wow, the Rory MacDonald and Jake Ellenberger fight was such a disappointment! It kind of went as I expected but I thought we would see a lot more engaging from both fighters, in an attempt to make a statement for a title fight.

When I say it kind of went as I expected, I thought that both fighters wrestling ability would cancel out and we would see a stand up battle with Rory throwing in a few takedown attempts to keep Ellenberger on his toes and wondering what was coming next.

So happens that for the most part I was right except for a late takedown in the third round by Ellenberger. Both fighters threw out a couple of half-assed takedown attempts, for the for-mentioned reason, and the rest was an un-eventful stand-up fight.

The disappointment came when neither fighter made any real attempt to hurt or finish the other. Rory was able to use a wider range of tools as I expected, jabbing and throwing a lot of distance kicks to keep Ellenberger at range, and Ellenberger lunged in every minute, minute and a half with some un-successful haymakers. That for the most part sums up the fight.

It was rather upsetting to see a fighter with Rory’s skills, fall into the Greg Jackson/ Firas Zihabi style of point fighting. He didn’t do much but use a very technical jab, while angling away anytime Ellenberger would attempt to engage. To his credit Rory did fight a very technical fight, but never once looked like he had any interest in even trying to hurt Jake.

I honestly thought that this would be either Rory’s coming out party or Jake would put up a performance that would make a case for his title shot, and neither happened. Rory won but I can’t imagine there are too many people who are excited about Rory holding the title or even fighting for it.

Both fighters looked and acted extremely confident, and unconcerned of the other prior to the fight, but during the fight it seemed to be quite the opposite. It almost seemed like they were both concerned that the other may finish them, and appeared to lack confidence in their ability to handle what the other brought to the table.

Where was the Rory that fought BJ Penn, who was doing the Ali shuffle, and pressing to try to finish the fight? It seems like when it is a much smaller fighter or a fighter of a much lower caliber he is very aggressive and all about putting on a good performance, but when the fighter has a strong skill set, he has no interest in engaging, or taking any risk to finish and make a statement that he is the best in the division.

If Condit is able to avenge his lost to Kampmann next month, then I think Condit/MacDonald 2 has to happen. Condit’s style makes people fight you have no choice but to engage him or just get punched in the face, and with their history we may get to see what Rory is really capable of or not capable of.

Rory has said, he won’t fight GSP, but Dana seemed extremely confident that he could make it happen. After this performance tonight I certainly don’t want Dana to try to sell me on a MacDonald/GSP fight. That could quite possibly be the most boring fight in UFC history.


  1. squid says:

    i completely agree with everything you posted. i noticed your links on bjpenn.com and i think you have a great talent and even better eye for mms. thanks for the read man and good luck with the blogging!

    • Thank you very much squid, I am glad you enjoyed it! I try very hard to give my best in every article I write and give an honest breakdown of whatever I am talking about.

      I think that Lawler would be a great match-up for Rory and is there is a high probability we could see that match if Condit loses to Kampmann. If Condit wins which I believe he will and in a devastating fashion that will be the fight that the UFC makes. It is extremely marketable, I think that we may see Lawler and Jake though with Jake coming off the loss it would be a good fight for him if he wins he will stay relevant in the top 5 or 6, and if Robbie wins he would jump into the top 5 and be really close to a title shot.

      Thank you for the compliment it really means a lot to me that people enjoy my writing, it lets me know I am on the right path. Also I just generally appreciate the comment.

      Thanks again,

      Jason Sutcliffe

  2. squid says:

    mma*. i would also like to add that i think a good matchup for rory would be robbie lawler

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