What Is Next For The Fox 8 Main Event Fighters?

Posted: July 29, 2013 in MMA
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Jason Head_Shot 2[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

After what took place in Seattle yesterday between Rory and Jake I woke up this morning felling just as disappointed as I was last night. I was puzzled at how neither fighter showed any emotion during the fight.

Jake at no point even looked like he was overly interested in even hurting Rory, and vice versa. After all the smack that Jake talked about what he was going to do to Rory and then to come out and put on a performance like that, he should be embarrassed.

I would personally like to see him fight Lawlor next I like that fight, and it makes sense to me. It would give Lawlor the opportunity to launch himself into the top 5 and Jake would either drift to the bottom end of the top ten or stay relevant in the top of the division.

Lawlor looked great last night and proved that he is deserving of a serious step up in competition. After his last two performances I have to say that I think he is a force at 170 and I think that he put the whole division on notice last night. A fight with Jake could put him one win away from a shot at the title, especially if that win is as devastating as his last two.

For Rory it is all about Carlos Condit for me. Granted of course that he is able to get through Kampmann, which I personally think he will.

I mean sure Rory looked good technically but I was not impressed what so ever. In fact I was kind of annoyed. It seems like when Rory is fighting someone much smaller than he is, or much less talented, he is all about putting on a show, he was ultra aggressive against BJ, Nate, Che Mills, but when he was put in there with someone who was thought to be dangerous he was very timid and unwilling to take a shot to land a shot. Instead was happy to just jab and win on points. I wanted to see the Rory that fought BJ fight Jake.

Rory needs to fight and really beat a contender before I can feel right about his hype and ranking. Until last nigh the only real legit ranked welterweight he fought was Condit and he got stopped. That rematch has to happen or it will be Kampmann who fights Rory and Rory will either take his place at the top of the division or fall back down to the bottom half of the top ten.

Both of these guys were unbelievably disappointing and need to come out next fight and really make a statement.

The flyweight division is so watered down that I am not even sure if there is anyone standing out to fight Mighty Mouse. I can’t think of anyone. For Moraga there is only a couple of options. I think Dodson would beat him fairly handily, I would much rather see him fight Ian McCall.

That division is really weak, it kind of reminds me of the heavyweight division back in the Silvia/Arlovski days.

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