Don’t Expect A Zombie Apocalypse In Rio This Saturday

Posted: July 30, 2013 in MMA
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Jason Head_Shot[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

This Saturday Jose Aldo will defend his belt against the “Korean Zombie”, Chan Sung Jung in Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.

I can appreciate that the UFC has a job to do promoting the fight, but honestly this is one of the rare times when I am not giving the challenger much of a chance. Aldo is going to be jacked up fighting in Brazil, and on top of that he is just a much more talented, explosive, athletic, and powerful fighter than the Zombie.

A lot of people are saying to me, “The Zombie was able to do to Hominick what Aldo wasn’t.” That may be true, but the Hominick that Chan Sung Jung fought was not the same Hominick that Aldo fought. After Shawn Tompkins past away Mark was never the same. It was still an impressive win but not worth the comparison in my opinion.

The only advantage that Sung Jung has in this fight may be on the ground, but he will be hard-pressed to get the fight there, especially early in the fight when he is most likely to be able to grab on to a submission. Aldo’s takedown defence is better than good, he rarely finds himself on his back and when he does he generally pops back up like a spring.

Aldo packs a lot of power, is very technical, explosive and athletic. He has one shot KO power in his hands and legs which is a rarity at 145lbs. I don’t think that Sung Jung has the ability to avoid Aldo’s power and keep up with his speed and athleticism in the early rounds.

Aldo is known to gas out in the later rounds and allow fighters back into fights that he was in control of. He allowed Edgar to make their title fight razor close after he had built up a fairly large lead in the early rounds. Sung Jung is not Edgar in my opinion, I don’t think he will be able to survive the early advantage that Aldo will have in every aspect of the stand up department.

The Zombie has the reputation of being able to take an unbelievable amount of abuse, but he has been stopped by strikes before and by George Roop a fighter with far less speed, power and technique as Aldo. I think this one ends early in round two by TKO. Aldo will do damage with his trademark leg kicks and that will open things up for him to land some powerful strikes.

If the Zombie is going to win this fight it is going to have to be by stoppage in the late rounds. I don’t see him winning any of the early rounds for the above mentioned reasons, and after Aldo wins the first three it is going to have to be a late round stoppage or the title stays right where it is.

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