Police Made Shooting Sammy Yatim Their First And Only Option!

Posted: July 31, 2013 in RECENT EVENTS
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Jason Head_Shot[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

Ok, I have now watched the video of the Police shooting 18-year-old Sammy Yatim on the streetcar at Dundas and Bellwoods and the more I watch it the more I feel like I witnessed second degree murder or manslaughter at the very least.

Now, I understand that the police have a very difficult job, and they are forced to make decisions and stand behind those decisions. We as the public have to be more forgiving of them then we are the average person, because not all of those decisions are going to be right in everyone’s eyes.

However, this was more than bad judgment this was murder. There were at least a dozen police surrounding the streetcar. Sammy Yatim wasn’t going anywhere; there was zero chance of escape.

He was more than fifteen feet away from any of the officers and armed with just a knife. At the moment when the shots were fired Yatim was no threat to any of the officers not one of them. With the front and back doors open on the streetcar and this young man armed with just a knife, are you really going to tell me that shooting him was the only available option?

What about trying to talk the boy down?  Fair enough, the video only shows two minutes and who knows if they tried that or for how long, but the kid was clearly not beyond words, He originally told everyone to stay on the streetcar but ultimately allowed them to leave and never took any hostages. So he was not out of his mind and determined to hurt people.

Why were tazers not used until after police had fired 9 shots into the streetcar, seems a little ass-backwards to me. He would never have been able to close the distance with just a knife before being electrocuted. Shooting him should have been the last resort, not the first.

Even if it came to the point where guns were needed was it really necessary to shoot this young man fatally? He had a bloody knife. The Boston Marathon Bomber set off explosives at a marathon and during the standoff shot at police and still they were able to take him alive. People are taken down and kept alive in far worse situations than this one.

I am disgusted that in the future the police officers responsible for this are going to place their hand on a bible and claim that they feared for their life. If there is anyone who feels like what happened here is justified and correct—while I am just happy that you are not holding a firearm and in a position of authority. This was a disgusting and careless abuse of power.

I feel for Sammy Yatim’s family, I am fairly certain that he was no angel; given the situation, but he did not deserve what was done to him. He was just a kid and deserved to be taken down by the required amount of force and receive his punishment through our court system.

He was not a danger to any citizen or any police officer, and did not deserve to be riddled with bullets and then tazed as if the nine shots weren’t enough. This officer has basically been given a vacation, or suspended with pay depending on how you view it. Me, I will call it a vacation. I can only hope at this point that our justice system prevails and our courts provide justice for Sammy Yatim and his family by holding these power-abusing police accountable.

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