Rory And George Won’t Ever Fight Each Other…I Call Bulls@#$!!

Posted: July 31, 2013 in MMA
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Jason Head_Shot[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

There has been a lot of talk and attention given since Saturday to the fact that George and Rory have said that they won’t fight each other, no matter what. I call bullshit!

Not from George necessarily but definitely from Rory. It makes sense that George would say that; he is wearing the belt and is the one making all the money, he is not missing out on anything. It is easy for him to say, no we will not fight we are friends we won’t ruin are friendship for anything.

What about Rory? This is an individual sport and one that is quite demanding on both your health and time. I can’t imagine that Rory would train everyday for the past decade to make it to where he is today, and on the cusp of fulfilling all of his dreams and aspirations in the sport he would just say no George is my friend, I don’t want to fight him.

This is a very different situation than the whole Koscheck/Fitch scenario from a few years ago; Neither one of them were champions so there was always another fight to make, another opponent to challenge, but in Rory’s case George is the champion there is no other fight to make or opponent to challenge.

If Rory never had any intention of fighting George why would he fight at welterweight? It’s not like George is in his 40’s and on his way out he still has a few good years left in him. He has made reference to moving up or down, but I don’t see that happening as long as he is the champion and there are profitable fights out there for him. Rory is not a small welterweight he could probably fight at middleweight, but he would have made that jump before now, probably when they were in need of contenders and the door was open for some big fights with big opportunity..

I find it hard to believe that Rory is just willing to sit back and watch George get all of the money, respect and fame, while he just cheers him on from the side for peanuts. He got into this sport because he wanted to be the best in the world—a champion. Why else would you choose this line of work?

For discussion sake if this is true is Rory secretly rooting for Hendricks in Georges upcoming fight? Would he not want Hendricks to win so he could come leaping out of the wings to take his crack at greatness?  If he has no intention of fighting George that would be what he would want to see? No.  He might not say that but I have a hard time believing that’s not what he feels in his heart of hearts.

He has got to be gritting his teeth for what George has. I would bet anything and everything that he wants the recognition, money, and number one spot really, really bad. Call me crazy but I sense another Rashad/Jon situation here.

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