Jason Head_Shot[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

With the winter Olympics creeping up on us there is still a lot of confusion around the Russian laws against homosexuality and the safety of the athletes and spectators during the Sochi Olympic games.

It has been made clear by Vitaly Milonov the co-sponsor for the bill that outlaws “homosexual propaganda” that homosexual athletes and spectators, can and will be arrested under Russian law. They will risk being held in custody for 14 days, and then deported with fines of up to $30,000.

Are these people serious? How many times are we going to allow countries like Russia and China who violate human rights to host something as pure as the Olympics? We allow these countries to make millions and millions of dollars, while they discriminate and oppress their own people.

Not to mention that this completely goes against the Olympic Charter which states: That everyone “must have the possibility of practicing sport, without discrimination of any kind,” and that any discrimination in regards to someone’s country or an individuals race, religion, politics or gender does not comply with the Olympic Movement.

Do we just ignore that for the sake of money and sponsorship? What the hell is the point of having it in the charter, because it sounds really nice? I am a heterosexual male and I have to tell you I find it disgusting that we would even participate in anything that takes place in a country that harbours these laws.

Whether Kremlin tells us that our athletes and tourists will not be prosecuted under their “homosexual propaganda” laws should not make us feel any better about what is going on here. This same type of thing happened in Beijing with their human rights policies; forced child labour and forced adult labour, which is a nice way of saying slavery, and many other injustices.

Yeah there where some protests and some stink raised but at the end of the day the Olympics came and went, they got a boat load of money and nothing changed. The Olympics is supposed to be about unity and respect, countries coming together to compete for their pride and the pride of their nation. Countries who operate under these policies and laws should not even be considered to host the Olympic games—Its crazy.

I agree we should not boycott the games; that would be punishing the athlete who has worked in many cases his/her whole life for the opportunity to dawn their countries colours and compete against the best in the world. What I am suggesting is that instead we consider your countries policies, laws and human rights practices in your application to host the games.

Countries like China, Russia, North Korea, Some Middle Eastern countries, and any one else who treat their people or demographics of their people like second-rate citizens should not even be able to put their name in the hat. They can participate because no one is trying to punish the athlete but the government should not even be able to think about hosting the Olympic games.

I can’t imagine that in 2013 any country would make it illegal for someone to be a homosexual as if it was some kind of a choice or something. These people are a disgrace!

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