Why We Ink: People Joining Together In The Fight Against Cancer

Posted: August 7, 2013 in LIFE, RECENT EVENTS
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Jules Fitzsimmons

By Jason Sutcliffe

Cancer has taken far too many people long before their time, robbing them of years of joy and happiness with loved ones. Stealing parents from their children, husbands from wives and vise versa, separating brothers and sisters. In one way or another most of us have been affected by cancer.

If not for people uniting through donation, runs, walks, athletic tournaments and a number of other functions, we would not be at a place where our loved ones have the opportunity to fight back against this dreaded disease.

Jules Fitzsimmons is the founder and creator of Why We Ink, a really unique and interesting fundraiser in the fight against Cancer. In 2010 Jules lost her brother to cancer, shortly after decided to get a tattoo in honour of her brother. That is when she realized how popular memorial tattoos were.

The idea and this realization set Why We Ink in motion; what started as a simple Facebook page exploded into something far bigger than anyone could of imagined. After an outpouring of stories and support from people, who like Jules had received memorial tattoos for their loved ones, and cancer survivors who had been inked to mark their defeat of this horrible disease. The idea for the Why We Ink coffee table book was born.

The Why We Ink coffee book is a book filled with inspirational stories and tattoos of both cancer survivors and family and friends who have lost loved ones to their battle with cancer. All of the funds raised through sales of this book will be donated to cancer care support groups. These groups are crucial to any family currently going through a battle against cancer.

This is a movement that has not only received a great deal of support from everyday people, but also a number of celebrities: Bif Naked, Ed Robertson from the Barenaked Ladies, Mia Michaels from So You Think You Can Dance and a number of others.

The goal of Why We Ink is to raise $50,000; donors will receive a variety of different perks depending on the size of the donation. Why We Ink is a campaign set to a fixed goal so it’s “go big or go home” funding. This means they need every dollar to make this happen!

The way this works is that they will not take any of the donated money unless the $50,000 is reached. The original $50,000 will be used on the publishing of the books, which will be sold and all the money from the book sales will go to the cancer care support groups.

This is a really great cause that needs and is worth all the support it can get. For more information on Why We Ink or to make a donation please visit www.whyweink.com. For a chance to hear a little bit about Jules Fitzsimmons story and a number of others as well, please take 4 minutes to watch this video!

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