UFC Looks To Ride McGregor Into New Euro Markets…Seems That Way

Posted: August 9, 2013 in MMA
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By Jason Sutcliffe

One of the UFC’s brightest young prospects Conor McGregor makes his second appearance in the octagon, August 17th against Max Halloway.

Halloway and McGregor are both young up and coming talents in the UFC. With the UFC always looking to expand into new markets, Conor McGregor has lit up the eyes of UFC president Dana White. It is pretty clear that Dana has big plans for the young Irishmen.

First I want to say that I am a fan of McGregor and his fighting style, he has a ton of potential and I think if he continues to work hard he could do some damage in the featherweight division.

McGregor is an elite striker and makes no illusions about his plans in the octagon; he is not looking fo takedowns or submissions, he is there for the knock out! It is that simple. 10 of his 13 victories have come in the first round by KO/TKO.

That being said it would seem that the UFC is attempting to tailor make his fights for him. Max Halloway while he is an extremely good young talent, is tailor made to be knocked out by McGregor.

He is a striker who has yet to go for a takedown in 5 UFC fights. He likes to bang it out but seems to lack stopping power; he has a mediocre record in the UFC of 3-2 and has gone to decision in 3 of his 5 fights. His only stoppage win came against Justin Lawrence at UFC 150, Henderson vs. Edgar 2.

McGregor is more seasoned, technical, accurate, powerful and has a better killer instinct. Throw in the fact that Halloway does not go to the ground or to this point in 5 fights has not even attempted to, and this fight seems built to add to the hype machine that is Conor McGregor.

This is the same thing they did with Bisping, in order to infiltrate the English market.

Now, anything can happen in a fight; Halloway could win the fight of course, but I highly doubt this is going to happen. I think that this will go exactly how the UFC wants it to go. McGregor by KO and he will look exceptional well he does it.

The UFC will most likely keep McGregor away from strong grapplers as long as they can. They will build him up some star power and then use him to break into some new European markets. As he is one of the few highly talented European born fighters on their roster.

This is a mold that has worked numerous times for the UFC. They did it with Bisping, Gustafsson, many Brazilian fighters, and Asian fighters.

Before I finish I just want to say that I in no way want people to think I am bashing McGregor at all, he is one of my favourite young prospects. He has the potential to be great his striking is amazingly accurate and powerful, and he can be a champion in this division in due time if he continues to work hard.

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