UFC on Fox Sports 1: What Happened In The Main Events And What’s Next

Posted: August 18, 2013 in MMA
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Jason Head_Shot 2[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

Last night was an exciting night of fights, and a good launch for the Fox Sports 1 station. A lot of fighters put on great performances last night and made statements in their respective divisions. As I expected there were a lot of finishes last night, but none more surprising than the main event.

Chael vs. Shogun

Chael and Shogun took to the Octagon, and it went pretty well how I expected it to right until the finish. When the fight started in typical Chael fashion, he darted across the octagon and exploded through Shogun for the takedown.

It was clear that Chael had the stronger base and was a much better grappler. Every time Shogun went for an outside trip except for once Chael was able to toss him and gain top position. With both fighters back on their feet and in tight, Shogun put his head under Chael’s arm and left it there for the taking. Chael jumped all over it pulling guard and synching in a guillotine choke. Being so early in the fight neither fighter was all that sweaty, Shogun was unable to squeeze his head out and tapped.

What is next?

Chael wants a fight with Wanderlei Silva—badly. I would like to see both fighters make the move to 185. I think there are a lot of fights waiting for both fighters. I would love to see a Shogun/Vitor fight. That is probably just a pipe dream though. If Shogun stays at light heavyweight maybe a fight with James Te Huna would be interesting.

Overeem vs. Browne

Browne showed a ton of promise and even more heart. There is no quitting in this dude. Overeem took control from the start. He forced Browne into the fence, engaged in the clinch and drilled knees into Browne’s body. At one point, Reem was able to buckle Browne, and drop him. Reem moved in for the kill, but Browne showed unbelievable heart and survived the onslaught of punches, working his way back up to the feet.

Once Browne was able to make space from Overeem he began to use his kicking game to keep Overeem at bay. He landed a few front kicks to Overeem’s face that he was able to take but never made adjustments to defend against the technique. Eventually, Browne was able to land one that Overeem was unable to shrug off, and it dropped him. Browne leaped in for the finish, and after some ground and pound the ref jumped in and stop the fight.

What is next?

I would like to see a rematch withTravis Browne and Antonio Silva; that has to happen. For Overeem, it is tough to say. He has suffered two devastating losses in a row. He is 1-2 in the UFC, and I have to think he is on his last leg. If he remains employed by the UFC maybe a fight with Mark Hunt that would be entertaining

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