Family Of 13-Year-Old Autistic Boy Devastated By Disgusting Letter!

Posted: August 21, 2013 in RECENT EVENTS
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By Jason Sutcliffe

Newcastle is home to a whole different breed of degenerate. I thought I had seen it all. The grandparents of Maxwell Begley a 13-year-old autistic teenager had their world rocked Friday. An anonymous neighbour slipped a letter in their mailbox calling for them to euthanize the boy.

Whom ever it was that wrote the letter had a lot to say but did not have the backbone to stand behind their hateful comments. From top to bottom the letter is filled with disgusting insults and ignorant hatred.

For whatever reason the author felt it necessary to tell the family, “…No employer will hire him, no normal girl is going to marry/love him, and you are not going to live forever!!!! Personally, they should take whatever non-retarded body parts he has and donate it to science. What the hell good is he to anyone anyway !!!!”

My jaw hit the floor while reading this! To think that a mother could show this hatred to a young boy is disturbing. He is autistic, so he does not have the right to live? I would have to say this is right up their with some of the worst things I have ever heard—ever.

This conduct by an adult is reprehensible, and to think the Crown Attorney’s Office of Ontario says that it does not meet the requirements of a hate crime. If this does not meet the requirements, I am not sure what does. That tells me that anything goes in today’s world.

I can appreciate that they are doing everything they can in tracking down the author of the letter. Also that they are working to find a section of the criminal code that sees this as a crime. For the love of god, I hope that they do.

The author at an earlier point also says, “ The noise he makes when he is outside is DREADFUL!!!!!! He scares the hell out of my normal children!!!!!!” I see so instead of explaining to your children that some children are born with diseases, ailments or disorders that are not their fault, and they should never be teased—ever. You decided that best way to handle this was to write a letter filled with ignorance and hate.

Well, I feel sorry for this person’s “normal” children, because being raised by someone with this much ignorance and a faulty moral foundation is not going to pose well for their upbringing.

As if the first two paragraphs did not get the authors point across, the last two were probably the worst (In my opinion any way):

“Do everyone in the neighbourhood a favour and MOVE!!!! VAMOSE!!! SCRAM!!! Move away and get out of this type of neighbourhood setting!!! Go live in a trailer in the woods or something with your wild animal kid!!! No one wants you living here, and they do not have the guts to tell you!!![sic]”

“Do the right thing and move to euthanize him!!! Either way, we are ALL better off.”

I had to copy this from the original letter on the Internet, and as I was doing so it was making me sick. I will say it again, I have no idea how this does not sky rocket past the threshold of a hate crime. I hope the Crown Attorney of Ontario finds a section of the criminal code that sees this as a crime.

Before that, I hope that the police are able to figure out who wrote the letter and the media does what they do best and plaster her face all over the local news in every province, city, county and township across the country.

The only bright spot in this story is the support that this family has received from the people in their community. It is a beautiful thing and awesome that they know these thoughts do not represent the majority but instead one degenerate, piece of garbage.

I wish the best for this young man in life, and hope never again is he subjected to this ignorance and hatred.

  1. That is touching and at the same time makes me pretty mad. Humans are such horrible creatures to each other….

    • I hear you buddy, after reading the letter I can truly say that it was one of the worst things I have ever read in my life. I expect that their are people out their who are that ignorant, but the amount of hatred and ignorance is just staggering.

  2. You can google it. Just type in “letter to autistic boy”, and it should be the first link in the feed. There will be a copy of the original letter, it is on pink piece of paper. Prepare to have your mind blown.

  3. Melissa Brewer says:

    need to euthanize ignorance… I agree that we need to educate our children about all disorders that they may come across

    • Educating our children is the key in all aspects, removing ignorance from their life is our responsibility as parents. This women’s ignorance is beyond words, but god knows I tried.

      Thanks for reading the blog and responding Melissa!

      • John says:

        Jay I give you credit for posing this,As I have friends who live in this area of Newcastle and area so I will also post it.
        Autistic children that I have known and had them work for me have only shown me the motions of LOVE not Hatred, They are warm, caring, and polite in life, and in the work force they are thoughtful, pay attention to detail, and hard working, They may be a bit slower in getting the job done , but it is done right.
        Maybe as so called normal people should take a lesson from them,and the world could be a better place to live in with no HATRED.
        Your so call normal Uncle John

  4. Thanks, I am just really appalled that any adult could show this sort of hatred towards a 13-year-old boy. I also have contact with some people with autism and find them to be gentle, delightful people. It is just disgraceful that someone would have these thoughts never mind put them down on paper.

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