Carlos vs. Kampmann: It Is Going To Be A War

Posted: August 22, 2013 in MMA
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By Jason Sutcliffe

It has been almost 41/2 years since Carlos Condit and Martin Kampmann met in the octagon. Carlos Condit was the WEC Welterweight Champion making his UFC debut. Martin Kampmann was 5-1 in the UFC and starting his run into the upper etalons of the division. It was a good fight with the nod going to Kampmann by split decision.

Since then, it has been Carlos who has had more success and fought the bigger fights in the division. Normally I would dig into the statistics, but this is one fight that I do not believe they do justice to the breakdown. These fighters have had a different level of competition since they last met.

When they meet on the 28th, there is going to be a lot on the line. Carlos is going to be looking for redemption from a battle he feels as though he won, and Martin is going to look to take some of Calos’ hype as the #2 ranked fighter in the division.

I think that Carlos’ game has advanced further since the two last met. He has had the slightly tougher competition. Also, this is going to be a five round fight, and Carlos has a lot more experience with five round fights

Condit is coming off back-to-back losses for only the second time in his career. The significant pit fall in Carlos game is his wrestling. He lost to George and Johnny because he was unable to stop the takedown. His striking was on par with Georges ‘ and far better than Johnny’s, but he could not stop the takedown.

In preparation for both Georges and Johnny, I have to think that his wrestling defence has surpassed Martin’s takedown ability.

Martin is a solid striker; he has excellent technique and decent power. Statistically, he is a slightly better striker. Carlos may have had bit higher level of competition in the division, but Martin has fought the better strikers. He is more than capable of causing Carlos a world of problems while standing and striking. He is also very crafty on the ground and has a very tight submission game.

It seems as though it has been over a year since we seen Kampmann in the octagon. The last time we saw him he got knocked out by Johnny Hendricks in like 20-30 seconds.

There may be a bit of ring rust on Kampmann as he was never able to get into the fight with Hendricks.

I like Carlos in this fight. He is more durable than Kampmann in my opinion. Also, he is just plain tougher than Kampmann. Condit is going to be hungry and want revenge for the previous loss. Condit is already a killer, and with the added motivation I have to think he is going to be a bit too much for Martin.


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