Jason Head_Shot[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

I wrote an article the other day. It was pointing the finger at the SIU, Police force and our Justice system for the way criminal cases involving officers are handled by our justice system..

So I was reading the paper yesterday morning, and I read an article about James Forcillo. For those living under a rock he is the police officer charged with 2nd degree murder for the shooting death of Sammy Yatim.

Now there were a few people who had issues with the article I wrote. I pointed out that we treat officers of the law much differently than regular citizens when they are placed on charges.

Some people feel as though they do not receive special treatment, but more that they have a tough job, and we do not have all of the evidence to say what is fair and what is not. Okay fine!

So let’s just throw this out there. Does anyone think that if they were charged with 2nd degree murder they would have 24 hours to turn themselves over? As opposed to the police coming to your door with the warrant and handcuffs in hand to arrest you.

How about being granted the ability to turn yourself in at your lawyer’s office and being processed there by the police, before being taken into custody? How about once you were officially arrested for 2nd degree murder you were granted bail a few hours later and back home in time for dinner. Sounds right, no?

I can not forget the best part. Even better than anything before it is when the police chief comes out, and publicly says, “I saw nothing in that process that I would have characterized as special treatment,” Is he seriously going to say that—seriously!

I am sure that is standard operating procedure for everyone charged with murder.

This disgusts me. Why is he treated any different from every other murder suspect? The SIU saw a sufficient amount of evidence to warrant a murder charge, so why is he not treated as they would treat any other murder suspect?

It seems as though the only time we truly see someone as innocent until proven guilty is if it is a Police Officer. Now that we know the Police are capable of viewing things in this light, is this not how everyone should be treated given that we are all innocent until a judge or jury proves us guilty? Should we all not be released the same day regardless of the charges?

That is my rant, and I am done now. I only hope more people like me are disgusted with the obvious special treatment of Forcillo that the chief was so quick to dismiss.

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