Hey, How Did You Get Over There? Nice, And Now The Fun Starts!

Posted: August 30, 2013 in LIFE
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daddy and Jaxen

By Jason Sutcliffe

So we are finally there, at that point where my son has begun to move—uh oh. It is awesome. I am so proud, but then I realize that it has started and from this point forward I will be chasing him around making sure he does not kill himself.

Just tonight I went in to check on him while he was sleeping, and he had moved himself so that he was facing the other way and was almost three feet from where he started. I was like, how long have been able to do that?

It happens so quickly! One minute he is so frustrated, unable to move and the next thing my wife and I know we look over, and he is army crawling across that mat onto the floor. We have had one little head bump on the floor, which he felt less than great about, but it has not discouraged him from getting right back at it. I am not sure, but I think that has made me prouder of him than the moving around (laugh).

I am sitting in anticipation, waiting until he is moving around enough to set up the little hockey nets in the living room and start getting down to some hockey night on Gamble Ave. Of course, then I will have to start thinking of excuses we can give my wife for why everything in the house is broken. Hmmmmm I should probably start thinking about that now.

Then again she is easy-going enough that we may be able to get her to ref the game! She is pretty great like that.

There is a time frame for all of this stuff and all I can do is sit and patiently wait. I suppose I have to wait for him to learn how to walk before I take him skating or to play hockey, he is probably going to need to walk before we play soccer, and it makes sense that he can stand before I teach him how to dribble a ball or catch one.

Just watching him grow and develop in under 6 months, from a little guy who could not even hold his own head up or fart on his own, to being able to hold himself up and army crawl across the floor has me more than excited. It seems like forever, but in all actuality time flies and it will be a blink of an eye before we are playing hockey in the living room, and on our way to Dieppe in the evenings, for a little shinny. I can not wait for that!

I have never been as proud of anything as I am of my little guy. I love watching him grow and develop, he has his own little personality and he is getting better at communicating it every day. He is my little buddy!!

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