My Understanding Is, The US Plans To Bomb Syria, For Syria Bombing Syria??

Posted: August 31, 2013 in RECENT EVENTS
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Jason Head_Shot 2[1]

By Jason Sutcliffe

Now I am trying to understand what has been, and is about to go on in Syria. It seems from the reading I have done that the UN and Britain have both said there is not enough evidence to support intervening in Syria.

The US, has decided that they do not care how the UN and Britain feel because in their eyes, someone needs to pay for what happened and it is going to be Assad based on their own evidence in their own reports, which does not unequivocally point to Assad and his regime.

Immediately in my head I thought about the war in Iraq, and remembered hearing on the news that the US had evidence that Saddam was creating weapons of mass destruction and that it was a slam-dunk. Only to find out after they went in and killed thousands of people, that was not the case, and 10 years later we are still trying to get our troops home, or are we? That is another story.

As I read on in the next paragraph, they mentioned Iraq, saying that they had learned from the altercation and would send no troops into Syria. Instead, they would use a series of missile attacks.

So let me try to understand the US plans to bomb Syria because the Syrian government bombed Syria. Where is the logic in that? Admittedly I do not know everything there is to know about what is going on, but it seems like neither does the US. I am puzzled by the lack of logic. It reminds me of when I would get suspended from school for skipping. So you are going to give me two more days off school because I did not come to school? Huh, interesting.

What bothers me is how easily the US is able to ignore the rest of the world and act on their own. Remember when the UN told good ol’ George W that they would not support his efforts to invade Iraq. On the wake of that decision George appointed his own cabinet that would okay the invasion. This sounds eerily similar.

Their plan is not even to overthrow Assad. It is just to “Teach him and his regime a lesson.”

There is only one thing that is more disturbing than the US being frighteningly close to setting off a war, and that is that over the past week, I have seen more people and heard more people concerned with the behaviour of Miley Cyrus at the VMA’s. than a possible war breaking out.

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