By Jason Sutcliffe

Benson Henderson vs Anthony Pettis

This is my most anticipated fight of the year. If Benson Henderson can strike with Pettis it will open up opportunities for him to use his wrestling, and If He uses his wrestling efficiently he should win enough rounds to get the decision.

Pettis has a striking advantage, and if can grapple with Benson when he has to and scramble back to his feet quickly, he should do well. He will most likely attempt to beat up Benson’s legs and body to slow him down and take the explosiveness out of his takedown attempts.

Pettis by Unanimous decision

Frank Mir vs Josh Barnett

This one is a battle between two old lions. I think this is Barnett’s fight to win. His stand-up is much better than Mir’s, and he has a much better killer instinct. He is meaner and has more weapons to win the fight. I do not think that Mir will be able to get it to the ground if he gets in trouble on the feet. Barnett’s wrestling experience will make him a more well rounded fighter.

Barnett 2nd round TKO

Chad Mendes vs Clay Guida

This has the potential to be a great battle depending on which Guida shows up. At the end of the day though I think the improvements Mendes has made with his striking under Duane Ludwig will make the difference. Clay is going to have to be the heavy volume striker that he has been in past fights in order to have success against Mendes.

Mendes 2nd round TKO

Vera vs Rothwell

For me, it is where does this fight take place. If Vera can keep the fight standing he is the accomplished striker and should have a sizable advantage, but If Rothwell can get the fight to the ground and obtain top control he will grind out a win over Vera. This will be the first fight that Rothwell is licensed to use TRT, so I am interested to see how he looks and if it makes a difference.

Vera 3rd round TKO

Koch vs Poirier

This is going to be a good fight. Koch is the better striker, but I think Poirier has the more all round game. I think Koch can close the gap a lot with his striking. This one could go either way. I personally believe it will be who lands the first clean combination or if Poirier can get it to the ground and get the submission.

Koch by split decision

The rest of the card:

Varner vs Tibau
Gaudinot vs Elliot
Krauss vs Lim
Camus vs Kang
Palelei vs Krylov
Iaquinta vs Couture
Hamman vs Cedenblad

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